COBRA Compliance


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It might be easy to find an advisor that can develop an employee benefits package for your company. But what about an advisor who develops a benefits package and helps manage your COBRA compliance?

The trusted advisors at Infinity Benefit Solutions do just that.

COBRA is heavily regulated and increasingly complex. Managing COBRA compliance is a tedious and time-consuming job, but failure to comply is extremely costly. Violations of COBRA can cost a company hundreds of dollars a day per qualified beneficiary.

Instead of trying to manage COBRA compliance alone, work with us.

Infinity Benefit Solutions offers a full range of no-cost COBRA Administrative Services including:

  • Implementing new requirements for federal compliance as COBRA law changes,
  • Issuing notices and letters to beneficiaries,
  • Personally answering COBRA-related questions for any employee, spouse or dependent,
  • Collecting premiums, reconciling finances and issuing monthly reports for the employer,
  • Communicating directly with carriers to report eligibility, and
  • Actively supporting the employer and employees on issues regarding COBRA services.


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