Meet the Infinity Team: Brian P. Dix

Brian P. Dix

Brian is the co-owner and President of Infinity Benefit Solutions, Inc., Wisconsin’s premier broker of group and individual benefit plans. For more than 27 years, Brian has worked as a Financial Advisor for Northwestern Mutual. During his 27 years in the business, he teamed with the employee benefit company, Milwaukee Group Insurance Specialists (MGIS), a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual, to provide his clients with exceptional employee benefit consulting services.

In 2011, Brian’s passion for working with small business owners and non-profit companies led him to purchase MGIS and rebrand it as Infinity Benefit Solutions, Inc. (Infinity). The results of the purchase have been outstanding and much of Brian’s vision of delivering exceptional full-service brokerage consulting with a focus on compliance has been realized and exceeded.   In fact, the actual rebranding was a reflection of Brian’s vision to provide “infinite” employee benefit solutions to his clients who seemed to face an ever-more-complicated world of employee benefits.

Infinity now boasts a full-service Compliance Department staffed with two in-house attorneys who handle no-fee COBRA administration, two fee-for-service Compliance Programs, ad hoc employee handbook reviews, and any miscellaneous employment issue that might arise.

In addition, with the assistance of Brian’s wife, Pamela Dix, Infinity has expanded to include a group retirement benefit and investment service division.  The retirement and investment service division provides clients with benefit plans such as 401Ks, 403Bs and even individual investment solutions for clients looking for wealth management.

Infinity also rounded out its individual insurance consulting services by partnering with Ken Marsh to provide Medicare and individual solutions to those employers who need alternatives to the traditional group insurance products.

Finally, Infinity continues to maintain its close relationship with Northwestern Mutual and remains one of only two insurance brokers in the state of Wisconsin that is authorized to sell Northwestern Mutual group policies (like long term and short term disability insurance).

Brian’s passion for Infinity’s clients and the local community continues to guide every aspect of Infinity’s operations. This passion stems from his humble upbringing and rigorous work ethic. Brian was raised in Wauwatosa, the sixth of eight children. Much of his young years were spent working at jobs including bike repairer, newspaper delivery boy, shoe salesman, and numerous jobs in order to pay his own way through Marquette University High, as well as the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Immediately out of school, Brian went to work for Northwestern Mutual and met with tremendous success serving the greater Milwaukee community.

He and the entire Infinity family are excited for all that the future has in store and look forward to meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of Infinity’s clients in 2017 and beyond. On a personal level, Brian is devoted to his family, his community and his clients.  He currently sits on four community service boards in the Greater Milwaukee area.  No issue is too small or great to gain his attention and cause him to work for the advancement of those around him. He can be reached at 414-271-2887 or at