Company Sponsored Retirement Plans


page-droplet Sponsored Qualified Retirement Plans

Your company is helping its employees build financial stability right now. Help your employees protect their finances for the future by offering company sponsored qualified retirement planning.

Employees face some of the same struggles businesses do when it comes to managing finances and building financial security. Businesses and employees are both pressured by rising health care costs, market declines and increasing taxes and inflation.

Establishing a company sponsored qualified retirement plan demonstrates a company’s dedication to its employees and fosters job satisfaction. With the uncertainties surrounding the future of Social Security, company sponsored retirement plans may become a necessity for your business to attract high-quality talent.

Infinity Benefit Solutions advisors are seasoned in retirement planning and can help your company create a plan to manage risks for you and your employees. Infinity Benefit Solutions’ aim is to reduce your workload as the plan’s sponsor, simplify retirement plan administration and help your employees become ready for retirement.

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