• We have worked with Infinity Benefit Solutions for a number of years and are very happy with the service! Infinity helped us set up a competitive benefits package and navigate the ever changing world of insurance. They understand our needs as a nonprofit to maximize every dollar spent while also attracting and retaining employees. Every year they present me with a vetted set of options at our renewal time, allowing me to save time and money. The customer service throughout the year is outstanding, both for questions from the employer and from employees. I highly recommend Infinity Benefit Solutions!
    Jon K.Local Non-Profit Group
  • I have had more than six years’ experience with the staff of Infinity Benefits Solutions (IBSI). There has been great communication and staff continuity throughout my entire working relationship. My first experience with IBSI was while I served as the Chief Operating Officer of a small non-profit agency, and later as the Director of Operations for a much larger, multi-city, for-profit public accounting firm. I can say that the level of attention and follow-through that IBSI provided to these two very different employers was exceptional and unrelated to the dollar volume of brokered business. This is rare in my experience. IBSI is a quality organization from the top down. Owner, Brian Dix, has assembled a team of experienced staff and created a customer-centric culture. The recent addition of a COBRA management function is exemplary. On staff is an experienced lawyer with an understanding of the nuances of complex legislation. A great broker is not an immunization against changes in regulations, new and costly taxes or mandated benefits; rather, a well-informed and anticipatory broker with a creative array of cost reduction strategies can help dampen the fiscal and employee impact. Kelly Brady and his colleagues at IBSI deliver these strategies well in advance of the market’s challenges that can otherwise pummel a company. If you are considering a change in your broker relationship, I can think of no better service organization than Infinity Benefits Solutions, Inc. I have no connection with IBSI apart from our business relationship, and these opinions are offered based on real experience and quality service delivered over many years.
    Dave B.Local Accounting Firm
  • Infinity Benefit Solutions, Inc. was able to provide our business with benefit packages tailored specifically to our needs. They did so in a prompt, efficient and cost-effective manner. What I appreciate most is that they provide wonderful client service. Our particular Employee Benefit Specialist, Gina M. Haney, was readily available to answer any questions. Infinity provides a “team-approach” in meeting the needs of their clients and it is reassuring to know that you have the professional expertise of that team to assist you with all of your benefit needs.
    Kathi W.Local Law Firm
  • When I first started working for my current company I had very little human resource experience and no experience with registering for insurance. The knowledgeable team at Infinity, that I have had the pleasure of working with, has helped me learn the process of registering our employees. The Infinity team has helped me through the process from registering new employees to making changes with current employees. If I have a question, the staff is always quick to respond. Also, if an Infinity team member is unable to answer the question, they either get back to me with the answer or direct me to another individual who is able to answer my question. I enjoy working with the team at Infinity Benefit Solutions.
    Jean DLocal Steel Fabricator