Traditional Employee Benefits Consultants vs. Technology-Based Solutions

Traditional Employee Benefits Consultants vs. Technology-Based Solutions

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In 2013, a software-as-a-service company launched, providing a product that aims to streamline Human Resources administrative tasks and eliminate physical paperwork and repetitive data entry. Zenefits integrates a number of Human Resources tasks, including employee benefits and payroll into one system. And if that wasn’t appealing enough, the software is offered for free, in exchange for the commission from carriers.

But before you decide to make the switch, consider this: buying group health insurance is complicated and costly, especially when you are trying to navigate compliance, coverage options, and administration alone. Constantly changing regulations and increased accountability for administrative errors make employee benefits solutions difficult to fully understand. That is why you need a trusted Milwaukee insurance advisor to guide you through designing, implementing and maintaining a compliant benefits strategy.

Personal Care

Ultimately, your Wisconsin business is only as successful as the impact of your decision on your bottom line. With a technology-based benefit solution, you are losing the expertise you get with a personal relationship with an employee benefits consultant. You are left to find your way through a generic website, paying a faceless carrier large sums of money, trusting that this is the best solution for your very unique organization.

By working with a local employee benefit solutions partner, you have a professional who is there, in person, to help you understand the complexities of insurance plans and benefit offerings. Your consultant will get to know your business and provide strategic insights and service to help you design and implement the best group benefits package possible for your employees.

Technology-based vs. Technology-backed Solutions

Zenefits touts itself as Human Resources software that offers benefits solutions, offering an easy opportunity to enroll in and administer benefits using their software. This means that the focus is on a solution for human resources issues, with employee benefits being just a small piece of that puzzle.

But, employee benefits are a complicated matter on their own, requiring a high level of expertise and attention. The right employee benefits broker will focus on your benefits’ needs and support your human resources department, guiding you through complex benefits and HR issues. You will benefit from years of industry experience with a consultant who is thoroughly educated in the current challenges Wisconsin businesses are facing. And with that personal support comes online enrollment and HR administration software. So, while it may seem like Zenefits can offer the same basic products — benefits and HR support — a traditional employee benefits consultant eases your HR administrative challenges while still enabling you to work with a professional and benefit from their expertise and personalized service.

Year-Round Support

Zenefits allows online enrollment during open enrollment periods and stops there. A traditional employee benefit solutions provider knows that issues can arise at any time throughout the year. While paperwork automation is a small piece of a larger, much more complicated puzzle, you need support with other benefits-related issues that requires individual support that technology-based solutions just can’t offer.

Your employee benefits specialist will not only help you choose the best benefits and guide you through the open enrollment process,  but will also run health claims diagnostics and sit down with you to develop strategic plans for lowering costs due to health claims. They will understand that benefits are more than just benefits—they’re an important recruitment and retention tool, and choosing the right ones will help you keep your employees happy. A technology-backed employee benefits consultant will provide both monetary and intangible advantages with consistent, prompt communication and guidance that cannot be achieved with technology-based solutions.



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